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The story of KTOU started with a group of kids brought together by the concept of unity. As childhood friends, they embraced every adventure that came their way. The original meaning behind the acronym KTOU is only still known by a select few. Out of the original members, two chose to preserve the name KTOU, giving it a fresh interpretation that blends the essence of unity with their passion, thus becoming KTOU: Kings Taking Over Urbanwear


Our brand still is in the early stages of its journey, which is why the first collection represents various facets of our world. Each piece carries a message that recalls the emotions or experiences on which all of us base our existence. We want everyone to choose a meaning and adopt it as their own, joining us on this journey. It doesn't matter from which point we start; what matters is the message we convey to others.


With time, our goal is to create new connections under that old meaning of unity that accompanied us in our youth. We discover new ideas, new experiences, and new emotions in the world; and above all that together we can get through the darkest of times.


Introducing our latest collection: a heartfelt exploration into the realm of mental health. Our second collection is a journey towards understanding and embracing the complexity of our emotions.  Join us as we celebrate life's beautiful moments and navigate through its challenges. Together, let's create a world where mental well-being is cherished and where every individual feels heard and understood


We at KTOU /'kay'·'too'/ specialize in curating a diverse collection of clothing to enhance your personal style and creative expression. If you're looking to revamp your wardrobe, we have something special in store for you...

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